We have a great bunch of local customers and regulars of all ages and sexes and are always welcoming new friends that choose to stay in our competitively priced rooms while visiting the city. We’re a pretty friendly bunch despite what you may have heard or read online. It was always inevitable we were going to piss off a few during the 20+ years we have been going

Here at the Fountain we don’t judge on appearance, race or taste so you’ll find our customer base somewhat eclectic but with that said nor will we tolerate any form of bullying or customers being pests towards other customers or staff. All our staff are fully armed with a mouth and know how to use it

We open between 4pm-10/11pm weekdays and get a good crowd of regulars that like a pint or two before the horrid journey out of the city to get home. Then we get the ones that couldn’t wait until the agreed meet time and so get into town early and head for us to sink a few drinks, and to catch up with the once strange regulars that have become friends before heading off to meet up with the rest of their group. Weekends we open at 3pm and have a guest cask ale on tap making us an ideal meeting point for ale drinkers and those wanting to take advantage of our daily happy hour prices ‘til 7pm while planning out the rest of their evening

Then there are of course our pups Zebo and her daughter Karla who you will see roaming round from time to time saying `hi’ to the customers. They are of course super friendly but we do understand some of you are shit scared of man’s best friend, so if you do find your knees are knocking let us know and we will make sure they distribute the love they were going to give you amongst the other customers

Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink and some solitude, meeting up with mates, looking to make some new mates or just damn curious about us, there is always a friendly face to be found at the Fountain. Might not be the staffs but the customers are a great bunch

Entertainment wise you won’t find shows and acts here I’m afraid just good old-fashioned meeting new faces and making new friends in a relaxed environment where you can still hear the person you’re talking to

Music is supplied from the jukebox so you get to pick your own but we do have a reject button just so you know. Also, got a pool table in the rear lounge where you'll find the unisex toilets

The usual quiz & fruit machines for you to waste your cash on and then blame us because you didn’t win and a walled garden off the rear lounge. Lastly the infamous Men’s Area is still here but these days it's only really used for the gents' loo’s

Back in the day when talking about sex was still taboo, we were the rebels that broke the rules and allowed part of the venue to be used by fellow gay men to hook-up in a safe place, away from fear of the police or worse

Sadly, the days of fighting for floor space and much of what we became known for has faded with the invasion of hook-up app's and sex clubs becoming mainstream. These days we’re more likely to be referred to as the `Old Man’s bar` which basically means we aren’t full of twink’s and screamers and we don’t just put up with idiots or argumentative types

As we are that bit older we do have certain expectations such as manners, which we are happy to teach you for you to use towards both the staff and other customers. After all they are free and not much else is these days

Open 4pm Monday to Friday

3pm Saturdays & Sundays

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The Fountain Inn

102 Wrentham Street

Birmingham  B5 6QL

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