Our rates are variable so will change throughout the year and are competitively based on what other local hotels are charging so you may well find the room you stayed in during February cost twice the price in November, that’s supply and demand for you.

We don’t use booking sites or offer online booking so to check availability and rates or to make a reservation you need to call us directly on 01216221452 between the hours of 11:00h - 22:00h. We do not debit payment for rooms in advance but you will be required to give valid debit or credit card details to secure any bookings to ensure we receive payment should you decide to not bother coming, it happens more than you would think.

Please be advised when looking at staying with us that the rooms are obviously situated above the bar area and so until the bar closes some noise will be heard. Music is and will be adjusted based on areas in use and number of people in the venue. Weekdays this shouldn’t be an issue as we close at 10/11pm but weekends are busier times and go on till slightly later. If you’re the type that is likely to appear at 10pm asking us to turn down the music on a Saturday night then be warned we are likely to laugh at you.

All our letting rooms are currently set up as double rooms. They each have their own individual wet room, a comfy double bed and the expected TV, alarm clock and somewhere to hang your clothes, although most people tend to use the floor. We also have our suite which is obviously pricier but comes with a lot more floor space to allow a seating area with a comfy leather couch.

You will find a complimentary coffee station for your use offering fresh fruit, biscuits and various hot drinks during your stay with us. Fruit, biscuits and sweets availability varies depending on whether we have a greedy one staying. Ironing facilities are also available in case you crease your favourite Superdry.

Check in time is 14:00h & Check out time is 12:00h

Free Wi-Fi is also on its own independent network for all guests staying with us.

We don’t have a 24hr reception so when the bar downstairs closes you’re on your own, although we are obtainable in the event of an emergency or for those of you that manage to lock yourselves out of your room.

So, no 24hr reception but all public areas are covered under CCTV and we can still see it, even when we’re sleeping. Yes, we will know if you try to sneak extra bodies in that have nowhere to crash for the night. Under the law, we are required to know how many people we have in the building so if you take it upon yourself to change your booking without notifying us as stipulated in our terms and conditions, then we will happily charge you any additional fees owed.

Now don’t get us wrong we do not have an issue with you having a guest up to your room, but you will find we appear like magic should you try bring a party back. Likewise, you can expect a knock on the door if you are being overly loud and disturbing other guests and worst case scenario we will just tell you to get out, don’t let the latter be you.

As we were once used solely by gay men and known for our guests visiting each other’s rooms it isn’t uncommon to find a half-naked guy grabbing himself a hot drink, or on occasion totally starkers. If you’re easily shocked or offended by this type of behaviour then maybe we aren’t the place for you.  

If you do have any issues whilst staying with us then we please ask that you come and speak to us directly rather than slate us elsewhere. It’s only fair you give us the chance to resolve an issue for you first.

Sunday to Friday Weekday Deals

the longer you stay, the less you pay

Offer excludes Saturdays, is based on single occupancy of room & subject to availability

If double occupancy is required for all or part of your stay then

a £20 supplement will be applied to total price

2 days  £100 - £50 per night

3 days  £135 - £45 per night

4 days  £160 - £40 per night

5 days  £175 - £35 per night*

Average daily rate £65 - £90 per night

* £35 per night on stays 5 nights or longer (excl Sats)

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The Fountain Inn

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